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Q.  Will a Conviction Trigger my Drivers License Reinstatement?
My Driving Suspension is up in a month. I am yet to be convicted of the two DUIs from January in 2018. If convicted will it reset to an additional 3 years? Also are Online DUI Programs accepted by the Judge ? In both Cases my BAC was under 0.10. I was not driving in the first case and second case 3 months later got pulled over over a break light...is there a good chance I can plea to a wet reckless for both or have the 1st one dismissed?

A. There is a lot going on in your question. In this situation, I suggest contacting a criminal defense attorney. Since you have the license issue coming up, two DUI arrests, need to complete the alcohol class, a possible defense to one of the DUI arrests, etc., it is not possible to give you a straight answer without an in depth interview. I can say that after talking with a criminal defense attorney, the attorney will be able to sort things out in chronological order and come up with a plan to handle all of the issues you bring up.

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