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Q: I had a dui in august of 2008. I never did I the 18 month program (second dui). Is there a statute of limitations on this?

​  I entered the 18 month program 10 years ago and they reinstated my license, but suspended it again after not completing the course. It’s been 14 years since that dui. Can I get my license back or do I still have to do that course?

​A:  You still have to do the 18 month program. Statute of Limitations applies to the time to file a criminal case against a suspect. The question is do you have a Bench Warrant for not submitting proof of completion to the Court!
You are probably going to need paperwork from the DMV to re enroll in the SB 38 program. You can try contacting the program you had started to see if they will give you credit for the classes you attended. That is a long shot due to all the time that has passed.
You are also risking a new charge of Driving on a Suspended license (VC 14601.2) if you are stopped before you get your Privilege reinstated.

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