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Should I get a lawyer for 3rd DUI?
My court already started. My Public Defender pushed a Motion to Suppers. It was denied, we decided to appeal. Was caught sleeping in my car, engine on I believe 0.18 BPA. Had blood test done due to officer investigating me for cannabis. Wasn't until my blood test was done that they saw the alcohol. Wondering if I have a better chance with hiring a lawyer? This was in Solano County, CA

A: You can always switch lawyers; you should get a copy of your reports and contact private DUI defense attorneys and see what they have to add to what you know and the strategy they might use to reduce (or win) your case. Like in the private sector, some Public Defenders are great lawyers, some not, but they all carry workloads far above private lawyers, so they don't have as much time to work on or talk with you about your case.

Who do you want as your attorney? The Master or the student? Patrick Silva has over 21 years of DUI experience, he has been published in DUI reference books, he has spoken in front of hundreds of attorneys at conferences, taught classes to lawyers on his secrets and strategies, and has a nationally listened to podcast dedicated to teaching other DUI lawyers how to win.  (909)798-1500

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