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Q: How can I get a felony DUI dropped to a wet and reckless??

I have a prior DUI/ vehicular manslaughter that was very bad in 06. I have not gotten into any trouble since my release from prison in 2010. This past May coming from the casino. I was in the turing lane at the light waiting to make a left turn. In front of me was a motor cycle/scooter with 2 passengers. As were turing the cycle started to loose acceleration and abruptly slowed down, and was having a hard time maintaining speed. The speed limit was 50mph however the cycle couldn't maintain an even 30mph. It was accelerating and decelerating using no breaks. At a few points It appeared the cycle was going to stall out. It was a double yellow lane and no one else was on the road on either side so I passed. The CHP saw me and pulled me over about 5 minutes later on as I was getting on the highway. They asked me where I was coming from and told them the casino. Then asked I been drinking. I stated earlier, but haven't had a drink in several hours, believe I was okay to drive .They performed a field sobriety test which I believe I done very well. They then had me to blow into a breathalyzer in which I blew. I did 3 test with 3 different machines.. 1).98@12:55(2).93@12:57(3).10@1:

A: Placer county is a very difficult jurisdiction,you should retain the best DUI defense attorney you can. Many offer free consultations, call one or two and see what can be done to help you.

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