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Q: Can I start the "driver's license" process from scratch?

In 2008 I got a DUI and it kind of messed everything up in life to where I was homeless and didn't have means to get to the classes or to pay for any of the classes or any of the fines and fees so I kind of just let it go. And here's 12 years later where I'm finally getting my life back together and I want to be able to drive to and from work. I got pulled over here the other day and was told that my license was suspended and that I basically can't drive anymore so what can I do to not have to pay those fine and fees and or take the DUI classes since it's been over 12 years that I had the DUI in the first place?

​A: The only way you will qualify to get a license, in any state, is by complying with and completing all the things CA DMV and the court ordered you to do originally. Yes, you can start over, but not in applying for a 'new' license, but by paying all fines and starting over any and all classes and programs you may have started but not completed. You can contact DMV to determine what specific things you must do now.
If you get caught driving on suspended license, it is a new misdemeanor crime.