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Q. Can a CA driver license be suspended twice for the same charge?

in Sept of 2015, I was 20 years old, I was involved in a car accident DUI . Unfortunately, there was a fatality. I was arrested and turned in my driver license. I went to court and was convicted for vehicular manslaughter and DUI in October of 2017. I am serving my jail sentence. My license was suspended Oct.2015-Sept.2018. I contacted DMV mandatory unit and they said I was clear to reinstate my license. I paid fees, enrolled in DUI class and purchased required insurance. I reinstated my licence in Nov. 2018. In Dec. 2018 I received a later from DMV revoking and requesting my driver license for the same accident, but now showing effective date of Oct. 2017 (the day of conviction) to Oct. 2020 for a total of three years. Why am I receiving double 3 year suspension/evocation. I have a court hearing date for next month. What information should I use to defend my case?

A. DMV can suspend your license through an administrative process that is separate from the criminal case. In order to give you any sort of meaningful guidance, a lawyer would have to review the entire record. If you don't want to spend the next year and a half walking, you should invest in hiring a lawyer to help sort this out. Most DUI attorneys are also experienced in DMV proceedings.