Arrested for DUI? Find Out What Everyone Should Know Before Talking to the Judge, Hiring an Attorney, Pleading Guilty or Going to Trial. 

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Q: If I got a dui in California and I do not have money to pay for the fines is there an option to serve time in exchange/how much?

How much time would I likely have to serve if I wanted to exchange my time (aka jail time) for the cost of a dui since I cannot afford to pay for it? / about how much time would I need to serve? / are there any other options or ways to pay it off if I don’t have the money to do so, for example work exchange or volunteer work?? Jail would be the last resort but this has been following me around for 3 years now and eating away at my life and opportunities. I’m about to graduate college and am already in debt for that so I really need help figuring this out so I can start a life for myself without this lingering over my everyday life.

A: Yes, there are some parts of the fine that can be paid for doing time in custody and some parts that must be paid. Consult the lawyer who helped (helps) you regarding the fines and fees and how each can be paid. You may also have a probation violation if you weren't proactive about keeping in touch with the court regarding the payment of your fines and fees. You can also call a local attorney for a Free consultation and sit down and ask him for advise.

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