Arrested for DUI? Find Out What Everyone Should Know Before Talking to the Judge, Hiring an Attorney, Pleading Guilty or Going to Trial. 

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DUI case not filed it's been almost 5 months

Q. In January, I was arrested for DUI medication(drugs) Not alcohol. Police withdraw my blood and released me after with the citation. It’s been 5 months and no case has been filed . I went to court on my court day in March and nothing filed . I keep checking constantly and no case filed until this date . I am sure nothing will show in my blood, I was just tired and fell asleep behind the wheel . No injuries no accidents nothing . However this waiting time is Frustrating . is it common that it takes this long to file a DUI case in Los Angeles?

A. ​​Yes, it is common. They have up to a year to file the case. It can be very very frustrating however blood cases often take a long time for the results.You should speak to a local attorney most give free consultations and can give you advise on how to best handle your case without costing you anything but some time.

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