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Q. Can I get a dui charge with out receiving a ticket?

I was pulled over by an office that claims he had reports of me driving in the opposite lane when I was pulled over I was not in the opposite lane. the officer after observing me for 10 min did a field sobriety test he did not state I pass or failed after 10 more min he decided to do a breathalyzer test and after 5 attempts of coming back inaccurate he decided to arrest me I asked why was he arresting me if its was not evidence of alcohol in my system he did not say anything and took me into the station were he took the breathalyzer test 3 more time and after claimed it was a high amount of 1.0% he just gave me a copy of my surrender driver license but no ticket. ?? please HELP MY FIRST DUI THIS WILL RUINED MY CARRER.

A. You need to make a DMV request for hearing as delineated on the DS-367 provided by the officer at the time your license was taken. You should contact a local DUI defense attorney to discuss the facts of your case and determine how best to proceed, usually a citation would have been issued.

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